DESTIKNEE Key Features

  • 60° flexion-cam engages post
  • 90° flexion - larger side of cam (laterally) begins encouraging internal tibial rotation
  • 120° + flexion - slowly increasing diameter of the lateral side of cam encourages further rotation of 10-15
  • Asymmetrical cam design encourages anatomical rollback and internal tibial rotation in deep flexion
  • Features a deep anterior patellar cut-out to allow for tendon clearance during deep flexion.

Humans are Different

Sizing & Shape, High Flexion &
Bone Conservation

  • Hi-Flex Design - All Poly and Metal Back
  • Asian Sizing, No Overhang
  • Preserves bone while promoting high flexion.
  • Thin anterior flange.
  • Low Profile Box Cut
  • Patented 5-point locking tibia
  • Excellent bone-implant fit
  • Left/right components each available in 7 sizes that match with several tibial sizes to accommodate patient needs.

Destiknee is approved by Indian DCGI and European CE