Fully Automated HbA1c Analyzer

• Ion exchange liquid chromatography
• Patented 3 steps chromatography method
• Smart self detection
• Advanced liquid line cleanup system
• Sample volume - 5 μl
• Dual peristaltic pump bubble elimination technology
• Provides real time curve with NGSP / IFCC / eAG results simultaneously
• Sample Cycle: 5 mins / test
• Sample type - venous, finger peripheral or lyophilized whole blood
• Sample volume - 10 μl
• 28 position sample loader with continuous loading
• Stat position for any time emergency test
• Thermal printer
• Barcode scanner

Innovative Features


• s a benchtop fully automated HbA1c analyzer based on Ion Exchange Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography. Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) is a form of hemoglobin that is measured primarily to identify the average plasma glucose concentration over prolonged period of 3 months. HbA1c test is considered as the gold standard for diabetes diagnosis and monitoring.


uses the classical methodology of Ion Exchange Liquid Chromatography to directly isolate HbA1c from hemolysed whole blood. LPLC is a NGSP certified principle and is recommended for HbA1c testing as it has high sensitivity and stable performance.

The patented 3 step chromatography column technology provides over 400 tests and the separated hemoglobin fractions are monitored by means of continuous absorbance of light. Software of the instrument then performs the analysis of the chromatogram and generates results.

Revolutionary one step operation with no sample pretreatment. After sample loading, analyzer automatically adds hemolyser with 1 minute incubation and finishes test in another 3 minutes (including chromatographic column wash).

LED Colorimetric Module uses 415 nm wavelength for testing, with auto bubble detection alarm and recovery function.

Simple Operation

• No sample pretreatment
• Auto incubation for 1 minute at 51ºC
• 8 inch color LCD touch screen with smart user guide
• Provide real time curve with NGSP/IFCC/eAG results simultaneously
• Stat position for any time emergency test
• Storage of QC curve for past 30 days and auto print QC report

Un-compromised Performance

Smart Self Detection - System status is monitored real time. Analyzer automatically detects and guides for most popular system error, to ensure the least downtime and maximum stability.

International Standard Calibrator - Calibrator uses lyophilized red blood cells, 2 level concentration which can be traced to WHO reference material (RM405).