Specific Protein Analyzer

• Nephelometric and Turbidimetric testing
• Samples: Venous blood, Peripheral blood, Plasma, Serum, Urine,     Cerebrospinal fluid
• 2 Reagent positions
• 1 Sample testing position
• 4 Pre-warming positions at 37ºC
• Facility for STAT assay
• Results available in 30 to 300 secs
• Automated mixing
• Accurate linkage-pipette
• Pre programmed parameters and calibration curve stored in IC card

Innovative Features

Specific Protein Analyzer with Immunoturbidimetry and Immunonephelometry method.


NepheloQuantTM employs principle of Turbidimetry and Nephelometry assay. Turbidimetry measures the intensity of the light transmitted which is inversely proportional to the amount of particles. Nephelometry directly measures the intensity of light scattered which is proportional to the amount of particles in the solution

Simple and Easy to Use

NepheloQuantTM is provided with IC card slot and indicator. IC Calibration ensures direct sample assay without need of plotting standard curve. IC card also provides pre- programmed test parameters.

Smart Analysis

NepheloQuantTM is equipped with Intelligent temperature control, auto testing, auto timing and auto mixing. The self-calibration can be chosen while switching on the analyzer.

Built in Printer

NepheloQuantTM is integrated with thermal printer that can print reports.

Operating Interface

NepheloQuantTM incorporates RS232 interface to connect the instrument with the computer.
A user friendly interface assists the operator and simplifies the daily routine work.

Data Storage

NepheloQuantTM stores upto 1300 results. Data can be transmitted to PC by NepheloQuant management software.