Fully-Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

• Throughput of 200 tests / hour
• Analysis Method: End Point, Fixed Time, Kinetic, Single and
   double reagent, Mono and Bi – Chromatic , Multi standard
• Random Access with STAT function
• 18 dedicated sample positions
• 26 onboard cooled reagent positions
• 60 dismountable, easily replaceable and reusable cuvettes
   with automatic blank testing
• Halogen tungsten lamp with diffraction grading provides wavelength
   coverage at 340 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm, 510 nm, 546 nm, 578 nm, 620 nm,
   660 nm, 690 nm
• Calibration Points: Linear, Non-linear multi-point calibration
• 7 - step automatic washing and automatic cuvette drying function
• Low water consumption of 1 - 2 litres / hour
•Easy-to-use Windows based software (XP & 2000)

Innovative Features

AutoQuant 100 is a compact, automated random access analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests per hour making it ideal for small to mid sized laboratory.

Compact Yet Efficient

AutoQuant 100 is provided with sample-reagent disk, aspiration system, mixing system, reaction disk and photometer for analyzing operation. AutoQuant 100 is compact benchtop analyzer that delivers an automated platform technology with highly reproducible results

Sample reagent and Positioning

AutoQuant 100 is equipped with Sample Reagent Disk to hold samples and reagents. It can hold up to 18 samples and 26 reagents. Instrument is equipped with Peltier cooled reagent position.

Reaction Disk Assembly

AutoQuant 100 is provided with 60 dismountable, easily replaceable and reusable cuvettes with automatic blank testing. Analyzer is programmed with Real Time online monitoring running status of cuvettes.

Enhanced Lab Efficiency

AutoQuant 100 is provided with automatic liquid level detection, collision protection and clot detection. Analyzer is programmed with internal/external probe washing.

Accuracy and Precision

AutoQuant 100 is provided with 7-Step Auto Cleaning System with water consumption of only 1-2 litres / hour. Hi-tech washing station ensures accurate test results

Automatic Dilute and Retest

AutoQuant 100 is programmed with sample Auto-dilute and No-dilute modes. Analyzer also consist of user defined dilution ratio. Automatic dilution and re run of the test when the
•Absorbance range is beyond limit
•Test result is beyond the linearity range
•Test result is beyond the linear – limit

Dynamic and Real time Display

Real Time online monitoring for running status of
•Sample tray
•Reagent tray
•Reaction cuvette
•Reagent residual volume
•Waste volume

Intellective Software

•Automatic washing cuvette when start up and shut down
•Automatic detect reagent volume during every start up
•Show reagent plate temperature during every start up