Fully-Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

• Performance of up to 66 photometric parameters and 3 ISE parameter   analysis simultaneously
• Throughput of 300 test/hr, and maximum 450 tests/hr with ISE
• 67 reagent positions and 115 sample positions
• 18 dedicated sample positions
• Holographic concave flat field grating with rear spectrophotometry and   cluster optical path
• Large-volume sample disk
• 60 nm polished probe with functions of clot detection, collision protection   and automatic resetting
• Liquid level detection to reduce carry-over contamination on probe surface
• Multi function sample disk; multi specification tubes compatible

Innovative Features

AutoQuant 300TM is an ideal floor top, random access fully automated biochemistry analyzer for consolidating testing in small to medium size laboratories


AutoQuant 300TM performs upto 66 colorimetric tests and 3 ISE with constant throughput of 300T/H, and maximum 400T/H with ISE

Optical System

AutoQuant 300TM is provided with holographic concave flat field grating, rear spectrophotometric 12 ways parallel measuring technology & cluster condensing light technology to reach supermicroanalysis

Multi function Sample Disk

AutoQuant 300TM is equipped with total 115 sample positions including 50 sample positions, 20 STAT positions,34 calibration, 8QC, 3 cleaning liquid position. An automatic LED indicator for sample disk spinning can ensure the safety of inserting sample randomly.

Reagent Disk Assembly

AutoQuant 300TM is provided with 67 reagent positions, including 1 detergent position, 66 single reagents or 33 double reagents positions.
Each reagent position can load 20ml, 70ml and 100ml universal reagent bottles.Analyzer is equipped with Peltier cooled reagent position

Sample-Reagent Pipetting System

AutoQuant 300TM is equipped with 2 probes one for sample and one for reagent; 60nm polished probe are equipped with functions of clot detection, collision protection and automatic resetting. The syringe is made of long life high precision ceramic piston which ensures high precision of sampling and low maintenance cost.

Smart Analysis

AutoQuant 300TM has special degassing device to remove air dissolved in the tube system, which helps in accurate quick small volume pipetting. Analyzer automatically detects sample and reagent volume with available testing times; also functioned with alarm for inadequate volumes. Analyzer is equipped with teflon coated stirrer with flat-paddle design and swirl rinsing that ensures proper cleaning and thereby reduces cross contamination

Calibration and QC Function

•Linear and non linear calibration
•9 types of calibration fitting formula
•Real time graph
•QC rules- Default as Westgard multi rules
•QC Plot- L-J, Cumulative, Twin plot
•Calibration tracing function, depicting calibration K value variation  trends

Intellective Software

•Real time online monitoring
•Multiple self monitoring function
•Multiple report formats, user defined, automatic print function

Accuracy and Precision

• AutoQuant 300TM ensures accurate and precise results with automatic washing system with
• 7 stops and 11 steps reaction cuvette warm water rinsing
• Vacuum draining liquid and warm water high pressure rinsing