Unmet Clinical Need

• Large diabetic population with small vessels & diffused disease
• A dedicated small diameter, long DES.
• Once and done. Allows cost reduction.

Stent architecture

• Cobalt chromium (L605) platform with 65µm strut thickness.
• Hybrid cell design comprising of an intelligent mix of open and close cells
   resulting in excellent radial strength with a high flexibility.
• Unique strut width variability that ensure a <3% recoil and 0.29%
• Special electro-polishing technique eliminates surface nickel oxides.

Low injury Design – Morphology Mediated ExpansionTM

• Conventional edge-flaring stent designs allow the stent to
   dog-bone during deployment.
• This dog-boning coupled with balloon overhang may cause
   edge injury.
• BioMime has struts with design variability which results in
   morphology mediated expansionTM, having a propensity to
   minimize stent edge injury.
• High fatigue resistance.
• High radial force.
• Excellent side branch access.
• Best in class crossing profile 0.033”.
• Enhanced delivery system for better Trackability, Pushability
   and Torqueability.

Novel Drug Release Platform

• Biomime Aura DES uses a validated formulation of low dose sirolimus
   (1.25 µg/mm²) times to elute in ~ 30 days from a biodegradable polymer
   base which degrades simultaneously.


• Novel Shaft material for increased strength and kink resistance.


• Seamless catheter construction technology allows for exceptionally low
   tracking force of 0.35N.
• Construction which generates high push transfer capability and reducing
   the push forces to less than 0.08N.

Creative, colour coded spine labeling for easy retrieval from shelves

Currently not approved in U.S and Japan
BIOMIME AURA is the registered trademark of Meril Life Sciences.