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How much difference can a micrometer make to life?

Perhaps life itself. Ask the thin vessels that tirelessly carry blood to the heart. Or better still, ask us. Precision for us is in asking such questions of critical medical relevance that can make a significant difference to human lives. These questions are not intended to result in inventions or discoveries, but add value to life.

We are a team of 400 dedicated members working in a state-of-the-art research center to design, manufacture and distribute medical devices that improve the Quality of life.

Meril Cardiovascular has developed new concepts in engineering employing novel designs, drug delivery technologies (for stents & balloons) and affordable catheter-based systems that effectively bridge the gap between countries with ailing populations and struggling health care needs.

Today a portfolio of cleverly iterated devices ranging from low injury coronary stents; a Bioresorbable Scaffold; a morphology-modifying balloon catheter, a tissue covered stent graft and a Transcatheter Aortic Valves Replacement system (TAVI) are either successfully commercialized or are under development.

Backed by a team of Global Scientific advisors, all our products are produced in our state-of-the-art facility at Vapi, Gujarat. This facility, spread over a sprawling 40,000 sq.ft is established on the rock solid CGMP guidelines and adheres to the ISO13485: 2003 quality standards.

Unique and completely integrated manufacturing system ensures backward integration, flawless man-material movement, complete control over processes with strong validation to eliminate any production errors. All processes are conducted in-house for manufacturing along with sterilization, analytical and microbiological QA/QC tests.

Meril is committed to lead innovation in cardiac treatment and care and has allocated additional resources to facilitate research that will empower individuals with better health.

At Meril, we ask precise question that makes phenomenal difference.


2006 Thought of Meril….
2008 State-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Vapi, Gujarat, India.
2009 Launched our flagship product, BioMimeTM , Nexgen, Crypton & Haiku
2010 Established International presence over 30 countires and got validation from European Commission through CE mark
2011 Established direct presence through subsidies in Germany and Brazil and grew our international presence to over 60 countries.

BioMimeTM became prefered brand in south asian countries.

Launched a completely indigenous PTCA balloon catheter, MOZECTM.
2012 Demonstrated Meril’s Innovation by introducing BioMimeTM Aura, with smaller diameters (2.00mm & 2.25 mm) and longer lengths (44mm & 48mm)

Expanded our presence in more than 100 countries through strong partnerships across regions
2013 Presented at EuroPCR, first animal studies of MeResTM Bioresorbable Vascualar Scaffold and MyValTM Transcatheter Aortic Valve (TAVI) System

State DES – Biomime DES – Biomime Aura DES – Biomime Morph DES – Metafor DES - Evermine50 DES – Proficient BMS – Nexgen BMS – Osum BMS - Crypton
Gujarat, Kerala, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Sikkim 29,600 30,180 30,180 24,000 25,000 30,180 7,260 7,260 7,260
Rajasthan, Karnataka, Odisha 31,228 31,839 31,839 24,000 25,000 31,839 7,659 7,659 7,659
Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, Manipur 31,376 31,990 31,990 24,000 25,000 31,990 7,695 7,695 7,695
Punjab 31,635 32,254 32,254 24,000 25,000 32,254 7,759 7,759 7,759
Rest of India 31,080 31,689 31,689 24,000 25,000 31,689 7,623 7,623 7,623