3 Parts Differential Analyzer

• Impedance platelet aggregometry and ethcolorimetric mod
• Throughput: 60 samples/hour
• Whole blood, pre-diluted blood
• 21 report parameters and 3 histograms.
• Environmental friendly cyanide-free reagents
• Up to 14 alarm information of para-morphia cell
• Large colour LED display with high resolution
• Up to 10,000 sample storage capacity
• Optional Bar Code Reader

Innovative Features

CelQuant 3 Prime is a high end three-part differential hematology analyzer offering accurate and reliable results through classical test method.


CelQuant 3 Prime adopts the impedance platelet aggregometry to inspect the RBC, WBC, PLT and volume distribution. Besides, it adopts the colorimetric method to measure the HGB and to calculate the other parameter results.


CelQuant 3 Prime is equipped with precise sampling system and can be programmed for venous and peripheral blood.
Sample Volume:
• Whole blood (venous blood) - 6 μL
• Pre-dilution (peripheral blood)- 20 μL
• Dilution Ratio:
• Whole blood: WBC/HGB - 1:504,
RBC/PLT - 1:21732
• Pre-diluted blood: WBC/HGB - 1:504
RBC/PLT - 1:18389

Efficient and reliable

CelQuant 3 Prime efficient ZAP and flush method removes clog completely. The Analyzer automatically rinses all parts where samples flow through in every count period and ensure no sample residues in the liquid pipelines

Ease of Operation

CelQuant 3 Prime well organized software interface eases your operation and gives you easy control of sample results, patient records and report customizations.
Analyzer is provided with touch screen LCD that displays all parameters and histograms with automatic sample loading, mixing and testing.

Quality Control

CelQuant 3 Prime QC method is divided into L-J and X bar. There are two calculation methods for QC deviation limit: absolute value and percentage. With L-J/Xbar QC, operator can conduct QC on 20 parameters. Analyzer provides 12 QC documents in total in order to save QC parameters and results. Every QC file can automatically save a maximum of 30 groups of QC results.

Built in Printer

CelQuant 3 Prime is integrated with thermal printer to print QC graph and QC statistical parameters

Operating Interface

CelQuant 3 Prime incorporates both USB and RS232 interface to connect the instrument with the computer. A user friendly interface assists the operator and simplifies the daily routine work