3 Parts Differential Analyzer

  • Throughput of 35 samples / hour
  • 20 parameters and 3 histograms
  • Venous, Capillary and Pre-diluted mode
  • WBC, RBC and PLT-Electrical resistance detection; HGB-Colorimetric; HCT-Cumulative pulse height detection
  • Sample Aspiration Volume of 9.8 μl in Venous and Capillary blood mode; and 20 μl in Pre-diluted blood mode
  • Built-in Thermal Printer
  • User friendly software

Innovative Features

Fully Automated 3 Part Differential Analyzer with 20 parameters and 3 histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT with three part differential count.


CelQuant 3i employs working principle of WBC, RBC and PLTElectrical resistance detection; HGB- Colorimetric;HCT-Cumulative pulse height detection and measurment principle of Dual Channel testing and independent hemoglobin testing system with volumetric base.

Ease of Operation

CelQuant 3i is provided with touch screen LCD that displays all parameters and histograms with automatic sample loading, mixing and testing.
User friendly menu ensures ease of operation.

Built in Printer

CelQuant 3i is integrated with thermal printer to print QC graph, QC statistical parameters and test results.

Quality Control

CelQuant 3i can display 4 parameters at a time with Mean, SD and CV calculations.
3 months QC data can be re-viewed.


CelQuant 3i can be programmed for Venous, Capillary and pre diluted mode
Dilution Ration; Venous & Capillary mode:

  • WBC/HGB : 1:300
  • RBC/PLT : 1:44600
  • Pre-diluted mode :
  • WBC/HGB : 1:355
  • RBC/PLT : 1:44500

Operating Interface

CelQuant 3i incorporates both USB and RS232 interface to connect the instrument with the computer.
A user friendly interface assists the operator and simplifies the daily routine work.