5 Parts Differential Analyzer

• Semiconductor laser flow cytometry combined with cytochemical
   staining technique, impedence technique and environment friendly
   non-cyanide colorimetry
• Throughput: 60 samples / hour
• Whole blood and pre dilution mode
• CBC mode, CBC + DIFF mode
• Storage capacity of 100,000 patient results including scattergram,
   histogram and patient’s information
• Automatic sampling coupled with emergency access position
   (4 types of tubes)
• Sample aspiration volume: 20 μl
• User defined print formats

Innovative Features

Semiconductor laser flow cytometry combined with cytochemical staining technique, impedence technique and environment friendly non-cyanide colorimetry

Laser flow cytometry with cytochemical staining

CelQuant 5 adopts highly stable, long lasting and economical semiconductor laser light source. Multi angle laser scattering to accurately test cell size, cell nucleus, cell content granulars and complexicity information, combined with cytochemical staining technique to conduct differential WBCs. At the same time screening out the abnormal cells, thus increasing the efficacy for abnormal samples.

After the effect of reagent, the WBC sample is pipetted into diluent filled flow unit. Under the package of sheath liquid which is formed by diluent, every single cell passes through the center of flow unit.

High - angle for ward scattered light 8~20°(Cell inner complex structure)Low - angle forward scattered light 1~6° Cell size)

Under the effect of laser beam, the scattered light character is related to cell size, refractive index of cell membrane and cell internal structure and shape

Optical system

Semi conductor laser
•Long Life
•Low consumption

•Precise angle control
•Eliminating stray light
•Accurate result

Dual channel WBCs 5 DIFF

DIFF Channel: Lyse dissolves RBCs and hemoglobin and conducting specific stain to eosinophils, through the detection of semi conductor laser flow scattering technique, lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils and eosinophils will be distinguished and displayed in the DIFF channel.

Baso Channel: Dedicated lyse agent keeps basophils maintain their original form. Other cells dissolve or atrophy. Basophils number and the number of WBCs can be accurately tested.

Blood Sampling

CelQuant 5 is equipped with a precise sampling system which enables micro sampling of 20 μl blood for CBC + DIFF test especially beneficial for paediatric and geriatric samples. Also ensures minimal reagent consumption and possibility for a back up test.

Auto sampler

CelQuant5. is provided with cap piercing auto sampler.30 samples can be loaded at one time thus ensuring a complete walk away system. Positive sample identification is provided by barcode reader. STAT function allows immediate analysis of emergency samples.

Operation Interface and Data Management System

CelQuant 5 ensures ease of operation by providing variety of functions such as counting, quality control, data review, service and graphical operations with interfacing. USB and network ports connectivity for LIS provide adequate expansion space for the equipment.

Accurate screening function

CelQuant 5 is incorporated with built-in re-examination rule and accurate screening out of abnormal samples greatly improve the overall performance of the instrument. The reexamination rules can also be customized according to crowd, age and type to provide the most accurate results.