5 Parts Differential Analyzer

  • Compact design, adopting semiconductor laser flow cytometry combined with cytochemical staining technique
  • 24 report parameters, 10 research parameters
  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour
  • Whole blood, pre-diluted blood
  • CBC mode, CBC+DIFF mode
  • Sample volume: 20 µL
  • Manual sampling
  • Environmental friendly cyanide-free reagents
  • Large storage capacity up to 100,000 samples (including 24 parameters, 10 research parameters, scattergram and histogram).

Innovative Features

CELQUANT 5 NEO is a five-part differential hematology analyzer with a compact design, adopting semiconductor laser flow cytometry combined with cytochemical staining technique.

Accurate and Reliable results

CelQuant 5 Neo adopts electric impedance to test RBC, WBC/ Basophil, PLT number and volume distribution; and uses colorimetery for testing hemoglobin concentration.

Analyzer employs semiconductor laser flow cytometry to obtain WBC 4-differential counting result. The blood sample is pipetted into flow cell which is full of diluent. Under the package of sheath which is formed by diluent, the single cell flow goes through the center of flow cell.

Blood cells go through the laser area after double acceleration. Under the effect of laser beam, the scattered light reflects cell size, refractive index of cell membrane and cell internal structure. Low-angle forward scattered light reflects the size of cell. High-angle forward scattered light reflects the internal fine structure and particulate matter

DIFF Channel Scattergram

The lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and neutrophils percentage can be obtained from the DIFF channel scattergram


CelQuant 5 Neo offers two sampling type:
• Whole blood
In whole blood mode, the instrument aspirates 20 μl (CBC+DIFF mode) or 10 μl (CBC mode whole blood sample)
• Pre-dilution
In pre-dilution mode, the operator should mix 20 μl peripheral blood with 180 μl diluent (dilution ratio of 1:10). The analyzer aspirates 80 μl (CBC+DIFF mode) or 40 μl (CBC mode) diluted sample.

Efficient Testing

CelQuant 5 Neo offers two different working modes - whole blood mode and pre-dilution (Peripheral Blood) mode.

Rinse and Clog Removal

CelQuant 5 Neo conducts automatic rinsing (sample flow parts) in each counting process to ensure no sample residue remains in hydraulics.

Accurate screening function

Built-in re-examination rule and accurate screening out of abnormal samples greatly improve the overall performance of the instrument. The re-examination rules can also be customized according to crowd, age and type to provide the most accurate results.


• Laser Scatter -Semiconductor has long life and high stability
• Flow Cytometry- Ensure cell go through the test aperture singly
• Chemical Stain- Ensure distinguish WBC successfully & accurately

Data Storage

CelQuant 5 Neo stores the result into database automatically after each test. The maximum storage capacity is of 100,000 (including 24 parameters, 10 research parameters, scattergram and histogram).

Quality Control

CelQuant 5 Neo provides three QC method: L-J QC, X-bar QC and X-B floating mean methods.

Operation Interface and Data Management System

A variety of functions such as counting, quality control, data review, service and graphical operations with interfacing ensures ease of operation. USB and network ports connectivity for LIS provide adequate expansion space for the equipment.