Semi-Automated clinical chemistry quantification analyzer

CliniQuant is compact,stand-alone,bench top analyzer designed especially for mid-sized labs.Ease of operation with accurate and precise assay results it the ideal choice.

• 7 assay modes
• Preloaded test protocols
• 100 open test programs
• 32μl quartz flow cell, minimum aspiration of 200μl
• 200 patient memory
• RS 232 interfacing port
• Real time graph display
• Designed for various assays
   - Clinical chemistry
   - Special proteins
   - Drugs of abuse
   - Theraputic drugs
   - Electrolytes

Innovative Features

Large LCD display with LED back light allows excellent visuals eliminating manual errors during data entry.

The QWERTY keyboard ensures ease of operation during assays.

Interfacing software via RS 232 port assists to maintain result history and also monitor overall efficiency of reports

A 32ul Quartz flow cell not only reduces the sipping volume but also the running cost, the quartz flow cell allows maximum transmission of light thus increasing the efficiency of the optical system

Built in incubator slots provide perfect temperature for reagents and reaction mixtures thus ensuring optimal reaction with sample

A resolution of 0.0001 helps to detect event the slightest changes in Optical Densities for all types of assays. Such high sensitivity of the analyzer ensures that even specialized tests are performed with excellent accuracy and precision

The 3 levels of QC with Levy Jennings plot continues to remind the necessity of maintaining proper quality checks to minimize any errorneous results.