Technical Specifications

Measuring Principle Advanced scattered light
Reagent Type Open
Reagent Consumption Less than 50 µL
Tests Performed PT, APTT, TT Fibrinogen and clotting factors
Test wavelength 470 nm
Testing channels 2
Sample pre-warming position 16
Reagent pre-warming position 4
Dispense precision CV < 2 %
Temperature control precision 37±0.3°C
Repeatability Activated partial thromboplastin time tolerance ± 2 s.
Stability Activated partial thromboplastin time tolerance within one hour ± 2s
Channel consistency Each channel activated partial thromboplastin time tolerance ± 2s
Linearity error Fibrinogen concentration of the linear correlation coefficient: r2 > 0.98
Memory 5000 test results (500 Patient Id , 10 tests for each ID)
Power supply 230 VAC ± 10%, 50Hz
Communication interface RS232 interface, PC connecting
Printer Built-in thermal printer, 57 mm paper width
Report Date and ID wise
Work environment 15°C - 30°C
Humidity ≤90%
Dimensions 400mm (L) × 274mm (W) × 350mm (H)
Weight Approx 10 kgs