Clutch - Indication

The ClutchTM is indicated for expelling blood from a limb , occluding arterial ow into a limb and placing sterile stockinet over a limb.


  • Do not leave Clutch on patient's limb for 120 minutes.
  • Do not use Clutch on patients with poor peripheral blood flow, edema or DVT.
  • Do not place Clutch directly over the ulnar nerve (at the elbow) or peroneal nerve (at proximal tibia).
  • Do not use Clutch if limb has significant skin lesions (skin disease, burns ).
  • Do not use Clutch if limb is infected or malignant .


  • Clutch is a sterile & single use only
  • Larger surgical field with greater visibility
  • Better surgical performance and outcomes
  • Set up time less than a minute

During Surgery