Electrolyte Analyzer

Quantilyte Plus implements advanced ion selective electrode (ISE) measurement technology that utilizes maintenance free ion selective electrodes having long life span. The machine adopts innovative international patent technology of wave theory flushing method and direct flushing pipe method to avoid blockage and crossed contamination.

• Analysis Method: Ion selective electrode (ISE)
• Sample type : Serum, plasma, whole blood,
   cerebrospinal fluid and dilute urine
• Sample volume: 60 - 300 µl (3 parameters to 11 parameters)
• Rapid test speed of 60 tests per hour
• Measuring speed: ≤25s
• Storage upto 10,000 test results
• High accurate and long life electrode and TCO2 sensor
• Programmable multi format print out
• Sleep mode to reduce reagent consumption
• Reagent pack, real time monitoring of
   reagent residual volumee
• Individual reagent to avoid waste
• Option: Sample tray
• Internal thermal printer

Innovative Features

Liquid Level Sensors

Quantilyte Plus automatically detects waste liquid with indicator alarm and are programmed with real-time diagnostic of system working status.


Automatic detection and filtering system for tiny bubbles to avoid clog and ensure accurate measurement. Quantilyte Plus is equipped with high accurate and long life electrode and TCO sensor. Abnormal results flagging ensure precise and accurate results.


Quantilyte Plus is equipped with power failure protection to avoid data loss, supporting fuzzy query.

Analyzer Software

User friendly menu ensures ease of operation. Automatic calibration and two-point correction to adjust slope and intercept. Quantilyte Plus is supported with LIS software and RTC management QC data. Automatic electric potential tracking and correcting software are adopted to ensure its stable performance.

Built in Printer

Internal thermal printer capable of printing patient results, calibration values, QC data and abnormal sample flagging. Programmed to print QC graph and QC statistical parameters.

Detection Range and Precision