Novel Stent Geometry

CRYPTON novel hybrid stent geometry of open & closed cells permits low strut thickness of 105 µm with high degree of radial strength and excellent flexibility.

High Radial Strength

In a certified lab, CRYPTON demonstrated highest radial strength than 14 predicates.

Great Trackability & Pushability

CRYPTON demonstrated lowest tracking and pushing force amongst 17 predicates in an in-vitro model.

Unique Crimping Technique - High Stent Dislodgement Force

CRYPTON’s very high dislodgement force (highest amongst 12 predicates in an in-vitro model) means that in tight anatomical situations, CRYPTON navigates smoothly without dislodging itself from the balloon catheter.

Negligible Recoil & ~Zero Foreshortening

CRYPTON’s unique combination of S-links & Y-connectors ensures high degree of flexibility, excellent after crimping profile, no recoil and almost zeros foreshortening.

Currently not approved in U.S and Japan
CRYPTON is a registered trademark of Meril Life Science Pvt.Ltd.