FionaTM Hormonal Intrauterine System (IUS) consists of a frame with a drug reservoir containing Levenorgestrel hormone. This drug reservoir releases   daily a dose of 20μg of LNG into the uterine cavity.
The reservoir is encased in a rate limiting membrane that controls the release kinetics of Levenorgestrel such that 20μg of LNG is released daily up to 5 years.
FionaTM IUS is reversible contraceptive device with high success rate of contraception. It also provides many non-contraceptive benefits in menorrhagia patients.

How does it work ?

  • FionaTM IUS contains 52 mg of Levenorgestrel
  • The device releases approximately 20μg Levenorgestrel per day in the uterine cavity
  • The device provides effective contraception for 5 years

FionaTM IUS acts in three ways

  • Thickening cervical mucus that prevents sperm to enter uterine cavity
  • Levenorgestrel helps in thinning endometrium lining
  • Physical presence of T-frame prevents sperm entry in fallopian tubes


  • Meril's Proprietary loading device
  • Can prevent menorrhagia
  • Reversible & proven contraception method
  • Lesser menstrual cramps
  • Lighter periods & less blood
  • Lowers a women risks of anemia
  • Effective for 5 years