MERIZELLE™ is sterile absorbable hemostat composed of the Oxidized regenerated cellulose which is white in colour with a pale yellow tinge. It is designed to assist in the control of capillary, venous, and small arterial haemorrhage and can be used effectively when control of small vessel bleeding by pressure, ligature and other conventional procedures is ineffective. After MERIZELLE™ has been exposed to blood; it swells and turns to a dark brown or black gelatinous mass that aids in the formation of a clot. This gelatinous mass acts as a physical matrix to which the platelets can adhere. Thereby it serves as a hemostatic adjunct to control the local haemorrhage. When used properly in minimal amounts, MERIZELLE™ is absorbed from the sites of implantation within 2-3 weeks without tissue reaction. In addition to its local hemostatic properties, MERIZELLE has been shown to be bactericidal in vitro against a wide range of gram positive and gram negative organism.

Available Forms

Weave form

1. Standard: Fine Weave of ORC that wraps at the site of application, allowing optimum hemostasis and enhanced visualization of surgery site.

2. Fiber: Tufts of Soft, Light Weight ORC with a layered structure, known to have 30% faster hemostasis as compared to the Standard weave. The easy to   separate layers allow the use of as much as desired material with superior conformability at the site of application.

3. Woven: Denser Weave of ORC for Heavier Bleeding, provides good tensile strength in heavier bleeding sites. This material is 3 times stronger than the   Standard weave

Indications by surgery

Neurosurgery: Epidural oozing & Capillary Oozing during Craniotomy, Laminectomy, surgery on Tumor bed, Head trauma, Spine & Spinal Cord Surgeries

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery: Sternal bleeding , CABG (cannulation sites, anastomotic sites), Valve Repair/Replacement,
Carotid Endarterectomy, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

General Surgery: Liver Resection or Transplant, Splenic injury, Cholecystectomy, Bariatric applications and any other iatrogenic perforations

Technical Specification

Product ID Product Dimensions(mm) No.of Pieces per box
ORC S23 Standard 2x3 12
ORC S48 4x8 12
ORC S214 2x14 12
ORC F12 Fiber 1x2 12
ORC F24 2x4 12
ORC F44 4x4 12
ORC W11 Woven 1x1 12
ORC W135 1x3.5 12
ORC W34 3x4 12