Abbreviated for Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids, Prolapse procedure has a point of interest over traditional procedures because the methodology is performed above the dentate line inside the anal canal, influencing fewer nerve endings. Our hemorrhoid mechanism furnishes two staggered rows of titanium staples in 33mm diameter size connected in the anal canal for transection and resection of the inward tissue.

The accompanying accessories comprise an access port, anoscope and dilator. The access port helps the insertion and evacuation of the anoscope and the stapler device by expanding the anal sphincter throughout the procedure.

The anoscope is designed to aid purse string suture application above the dentate line. It consists of an aide and markings to help in making a circumferential purse string suture at a predictable placement inside the rectum.

The hemorroid system stapler is adjustable, reliable and safe. Known to cause less postoperative pain, it aids in quicker recuperation of your patient.


MIRUS Hemorrhoidal circular stapler and accessories have applications throughout the anal canal to perform surgical treatment of hemorrhoidal disease.