FILAXYNTM monofilament synthetic absorbable suture is composed of Poly (p-dioxanone). These sutures are used when prolonged wound support (up to 42 days) is desirable and the surgeon’s preference is an absorbable suture.

In dyed FILAXYNTM, only FDA approved colour additives are used.


  • Retention of 60 % knot tensile strength after 28 days
  • Complete mass absorption in around 180 to 210 days


  • Paediatric cardiovascular tissue
  • Microsurgery
  • Ophthalmic surgery


  • High initial tensile strength
  • Predictable absorption
  • Prolonged wound support
  • Smooth passage through tissues
  • Minimal tissue reaction
  • Good handling characteristics
  • Standard monofilament knot for security

Product overview

Structure Monofilament
Colour Violet
Chemical composition Poly (p-dioxanone)
Sizes USP 6/0 (metric 1.5) - USP 2 (metric 5)
Type of absorption Hydrolysis
Sterilisation Ethylene oxide