Freedom Knee® System

The Freedom Total Knee® System was developed using advanced design engineering technologies and extensive clinical experience to address the anatomical, physiological and lifestyle needs of today's patients. The system's significant design advances allow patients to achieve optimal high-flexion motion regardless of whether the all-poly or metal-backed tibial component is chosen. This approach provides surgeons with unique component options that deliver successful, predictable and reproducible results.

Femoral Component Technology

  • Choice of cruciate retaining (CR) or posterior stabilized (PS) components using the same instrumentation.
  • Preserves bone while promoting high flexion.
  • Thin anterior flange for bone preservation.
  • Six-degree angle of patellar groove assures smooth patellar tracking.
  • Optimal tibio-femoral conformity in extension, with proper rotational freedom in flexion.
  • Left/right components each available in five sizes that match with several tibial sizes to accommodate patient needs.
  • Cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy material.

Tibial Inserts Technology

  • An all-poly tibial component specifically designed for high flexion and approved by the US FDA.
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) tibial inserts are available in CR and PS options.
  • Designed using advanced computer modelling technology to reproduce natural knee kinematics while accommodating anatomic femoral rollback and internal rotation.
  • Features a deep anterior patellar cut-out to allow for tendon clearance during deep flexion.
  • All-poly tibial component offers an excellent alternative to metal-backed tibial design.

Tibial Baseplate Technology

  • FDA approved cobalt chromium alloy tibial baseplate is shaped for optimal stability in deep flexion with a low profile keel.
  • Locking mechanism features “5 points of peripheral locking” to ensure security and reduce potential of micro-motion.
  • Universal tibial baseplate accommodates left and right sides as well as CR and PS liners.

All-Polly Patella Component

  • UHMWPE material with symmetric design for optimal tracking within the patella grove of the femoral component.
  • Available in a selection of diameters and thicknesses to ensure proper sizing for each patient.
  • Central cement recess and three-peg design ensures best bone interface and optimal stability.

Sizing Innovation

The Freedom Total Knee System offers surgeons the freedom to customize their size options to better fit the implant to the patient’s knee, allowing for adequate flexion extension spacing, optimal tension in the quadriceps muscle mechanism, appropriate coverage of the resected bone surface to support even stress distribution, and smooth tracking of the patella in the trochlear groove during flexion.

Key innovations include:

  • Incorporates an innovative design that redefines the high-flexion arc of the femur while limiting bone resection along the posterior condyles of the femur.
  • Provides a deeper patella-femoral groove for natural patella tracking without necessarily resurfacing the patella.
  • Offers multiple size options that feature dynamically proportioned M/L and A/P femoral components in CR and PS options.

Registered Trademarks

Freedom Knee® is distributed by Meril Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd in India.
Freedom Knee® is distributed by Maxx Medical Pvt. Ltd. Freedom Knee® is manufactured by Maxx Orthopedics, Inc.
FREEDOM and FREEDOM KNEE are Registered Trademarks of Maxx Orthopedics, Inc.