Microplate Luminometer

• Detection system - Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT)
• Detection mode - Glow luminescence
• Accommodates 96 and 48 well microplate
• Front loader
• Dynamic range of 1 x 109RLU
• High sensitivity
• Crosstalk less than 1 x 10-6
• Multitest and Copytest function
• USB and RS 232 Interface
• Windows 7® control and evaluation software

Innovative Features

LumiQuant iTM is a Semi Automated Chemiluminescense Analyzer,designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s microplate based, glow luminescence applications, with lowest background and crosstalk less than 1 x 10-6 .

Detection System

LumiQuant iTM uses photo multiplier tube as detection system with spectral range of 300 – 650 nm.

Dynamic Range

LumiQuant iTM 9 broad dynamic range of 1 x 109 significantly increases assay linearity and enables reliable interpretation .

Robotic Operating environment

LumiQuant iTM is designed with front loading mechanism for the plate to be easily positioned and accessed, reducing service and maintenance.

Plate Shaking

LumiQuant iTM is equipped with shaker with intensity of low, medium, high and shake time ranging from 0 – 240 seconds.

Evaluation Software

LumiQuant iTM evaluation software is designed to perform the majority of routine and scientific applications. The flexible function levels of software allows test programming and data evaluation protocols, covering the range from routine to complex scientific research.

• Provided with “Extrapolation option” for linear multipoint curve type
• Option to Edit Multi-standard curve
• Option for “Selective calibration “using single standard
• Search option to monitor sample results based on patient’s name,ID and sample ID
• Copytest function allows the user to copy a program of a particular parameter as a new program with new test code and test name

Plate Mapping

LumiQuant iTM “Save Plate Mapping” option is used to save Scheduled plate layout by defining unique ID and later can be recalled for processing. Total 200 plate mappings are possible.


LumiQuant iTM can process 12 different parameters on single plate. Analyzer is also provided with an option to select a color to differentiate particular test type in run window.


LumiQuant iTM incorporates both USB and RS 232 interface to connect the instrument with the computer.


LumiQuant iTM is provided with facility to select the old calibration curve for calculation of the sample result. 10 calibration curve per parameter can be stored and displayed.

Built in Quality Control

LumiQuant iTM is incorporated with Quality control software LJ graph is plotted based on date and results. Mean values and values for +3SD to -3SD are displayed on LJ Graph.


Database storage

LumiQuant iTM stores data in a database supporting flexible patient data/result management, sample based reporting including recording of external results, flexible export functions, reagent batch management, etc.