Microplate Luminometer

LumiQuant is a state of art microplate luminometer, designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s microplate based, glow luminescence applications, that improves efficiency, reliability and saves time.
• Detection system - Photo Multiplier Tube
• Detection mode - Glow Luminescence
• Accommodates 96 and 48 wells microplate
• 9 Dynamic range - 0 to 1.6 x 10 RLU
• High sensitivity
• Very low crosstalk
• Measurement time - 0.1sec / well OR < 40 secs per 96 well Plate
• Front loader
• Serial interface RS232, USB
• Windows® control and evaluation software

Innovative Features

High Sensitivity

LumiQuant has -23 high sensitivity of 1 x 10 mole HRP that allows detection of lower analyte concentrations, early diagnosis of diseases and efficient monitoring of treatments.


LumiQuant works with fast Luminol based reaction system, high reading speed greatly improves assay precision across the plate. It takes less than 40 seconds to read a 96 - well plate at 0.1 sec integration time.

Low Crosstalk

LumiQuant has a sophisticated, adaptive positioning system wherein the PMT detector is placed as close as possible above the sample vessel / reaction vessel thus eliminating instrument related crosstalk. This substantially improves the sensitivity and dynamics of the instrument.

Robotic Operating environment

LumiQuant usage is supported by, an accurate front loading mechanism designed for the plate to be easily positioned and accessed, reducing service and maintenance.

No blower - no noise

LumiQuante ambient temperature is maintained throughout without any impact on the reaction in the plate. Due to low power consumption, no heat is generated which eliminates the requirement of blower that makes standby operation absolutely silent. The closed environment without air circulation in the instrument significantly reduces the entry of dust and other contaminants which impair the performance of the optical system.


LumiQuant incorporates both USB and RS232 interface to connect the instrument with the computer. This makes sure that the instrument can be connected, no matter which interfaces are installed in the Computer.

Linearity and reliability

LumiQuant broad dynamic 9 range of 0 to 1.6 x 10 RLU significantly increases assay linearity and enables reliable interpretation of very low and very high analyte concentrations in one test run without additional sample dilution.

Evaluation Software

LumiQuant evaluation software is designed to perform the majority of routine and scientific applications. The flexible function levels of software allows test programming and data evaluation protocols, covering the range from routine to complex scientific research.

Quantitative Estimation

Lumiquant evaluation software supports different curve fit modes like linear regression, point to point, cubic spline and 4 parameter fit with linear, logarithmic, logit-log axis scaling and extrapolation option. Standard curves can be stored and used for subsequent test runs as measured or adjusted by single or dual point calibration.

Qualitative Estimation

LumiQuant stores Up to 3 different cut off values that can be used to assign samples up to 4 different ranges. The desired cutoff value can be selected to calculate the ratio of cutoff value and measurement values of the samples (M/CO).

Assay Validation

LumiQuant assay performance can be verified based on formulae that define the required validation criteria.

Built in Quality control

LumiQuant built in QC functions to monitor and statistically analyze controls over time and test runs.

Multitest and kindling test

LumiQuant process up to 12 different assays per sample (multitest) or up to 5 subsequently drawn samples of one patient (kindling test) in one plate.