M-COR™ - Modular Hip System

The M-COR™ Modular Hip System features the largest modular neck selection available today, allowing you to select the ideal leg length and lateral offset for every patient.

Intra-Operative Flexibility

The modular press-fit M-COR™ system is designed to find the 'sweet spot,' the biomechanical center of rotation.

Both anteversion and vertical height as well as medial offset can be adjusted at the end of stem fixation by selecting from multiple neck options during the procedure to achieve optimal results, for both leg length and joint stability.

From infinite neck version angles the optimum can be selected. The neck component can then conveniently be locked into position, due to the unique neck to stem Morse taper locking system using proprietary positioning of locking tools.

Stem Choices

The close anatomical matching of the medial triangle, combined with the wide range of 14 stems provide excellent "fit-and-fill" options for proximal fixation.

Medial wall scalloping is designed to enhance medial loading and prevent subsidence.

The distal stem serrated ridges cut stepped channels and when fully engaged provide excellent rotational stability.

In Vivo Final Assembly

Final assembly and adjustments are accomplished in-situ with low profile tools provided to assist in optimum positioning of the neck and ball within the acetabulum at the end of stem insertion.

System modularity allows for minimally invasive surgery options - without compromise to the re-establishment of correct biomechanics.

Registered Trademarks

M-COR™ Modular Hip System and Equator +™ Acetabular Cup System are distributes by Meril Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd in India.
The M-COR™ Modular Hip System and Equator +™ Acetabular Cup System are Manufactured by Mipro US Inc.
M-COR™ and Equator +™ are Registered Trademarks of Mipro US Inc.