EIAQuant Microplate Reader

EIAQuant adopts sophisticated embedded computer control technology with 8 optical channels, designed to measure the absorbance of the contents in microwell provided with the functions of automatic feeding, automatic measuring, automatic data analysis and processing that assures reliable measurement and minimum maintenance.

• Absorbance, Quantitative, Semiquantitative, Qualitative modes
• 8 channels measurement system
• Single well / strip reading capability
• Onboard software and elaborated PC Software
• Extensive QC programme with Levy Jennings plot

Innovative Features

Ease of Operation

EIAQuant is provided with large touch screen LCD display enabling the operator ease of operation.


EIAQuant has an ability to read at dual wavelengths. The eight channels optical system delivers high precision and speed. Read time for 96 well microtitre plate is 8 secs and 18 secs using single and dual wavelength respectively.

Onboard Calculation Mode

EIAQuant is available with Multi standard Non-linear along with calibration types Conc log, Log log, Multipoint, Linear, O.D log.

PC Software

•Software features with semi-quantitative assay mode and reverse cut off function
•Parallel Shift - Multistandard curve can be easily modified using single standard
•Levy Jennings plot
•Software also features copy test and export data functions, where the results can be directly exported to excel format

Optical System

EIAQuant uses Halogen lamp as light source with eight channels fibre optics optical system and four standard spectral filters (405,450,492,630 nm) with 3 optional filter positions.