EIAWash Microplate Washer

EIAWash is the perfect choice for 96 well plates with the flexibility of 8 channels or 12 channels manifolds washing options, programmed aspiration and dispensing that employs a reliable, simple and innovative design simplifying its maintenance.

• Easy to use keypad with high resolution LCD display
• 100 Program Tests Storing Capacity
• 8 channels and 12 channels washing manifold
• Compatible with flat and Round bottom wells
• Low residual volume assures reliable results
• Programmable aspiration, soak and shake modes

Innovative Features

Ease of Operation

EIAWash user friendly software enables operator for programming protocols easily and conveniently using large monochrome LCD display keypad.

Accuracy and Reliability

EIAWash aspiration programme rates enhances the washing efficiency by reducing the carryover. Compatible with flat and Round bottom wells. Reduced residual volume and lesser background problem is achieved by multiple aspiration points.

Easy Maintenance

EIAWash is programmed with integrated liquid level sensors for waste bottles. Designed with removable washing manifolds with 8 and 12 channels, making it easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Programming Flexibility

EIAWash can be programmed to provide multistep combinations of aspirate / dispense / soak time cycles, to ease assay protocols. Dispensing volume can be adjusted from 50 μl – 400 μl. Programmable wash cycle of 0 to 255. Provided with 1 to 4 wash buffer position.


EIAWash large non-volatile memory stores up to 100 operator specified wash protocols.

Precision Operation

EIAWash is precise in operation with constant monitoring of vacuum and pressure. Pump cycles are used only when necessary for quite operation.