2 Plate Enzyme Immuno Assay Processor

ELIQuant II is designed with complete walk away capabilities. Eliquant II quickly and easily processes, two 96 – well microplates and upto 12 different assays simultaneously and features the most user friendly control system available, chain of custody and instrument diagnostics. ELIQuant II delivers sample –in/ results- out automation of microplate assays.

• Complete Automated and walk away capability
• Space saving vertical design with multi –plate carrier
• True open and worry free system
• Processes 12 different assay simultaneously
• One multi function robotic arm
• Disposable pipette tips ensures zero carry over
• Electronic Signature Pipetting
• Fluid level sensing, tip detection, tip ejection and clot detection
• Full animation of the assay
• Reagent and Wash fluid shortage alarms
• Super Aspirate washing mode
• Powerful data – reduction options

Innovative Features

Efficient and Reliable hardware design

Ingeniously designed and simplified Eliquant II has few moving parts – One multifunction robotic arm does everything, right from pipetting to operating the bar code reader. In addition, its vertical design multi plate carrier save space enabling a minimal footprint, with maximum consumable storage.

Ease Of Use

• Feature rich and groundbreaking in its process simulation and ease of use,
   Matrix simple graphical interface allows user to rapidly integrate
   automation in the lab with confidence

• The assay writer, with drag and drop icons, walks the operator through the
   entire programming process, prompts step by step,making step up of
   assay a breeze

• Complete Animation of the assay steps outlined allows the user to validate
   and adjust the assay parameters

• Once the assay is begun the process timeline and simulator shows exactly
   what step is going on and the time left for the assay to over

Worry free system assuring accurate and precise results

• Electronic Signature Pipetting provides in process verification of
   critical fluid and sample transfer
• The System prompts the user if any action like addition of more
   reagents or wash fluids is required through an audible alarm or an
   e- mail outlining the problem
• The system enables recording and assurance of lot specific data

Powerful data reduction options

• Sigmoid polygon fit
• Linear, quadratic, cubic and quadratic- regression fit
• Cubic-Spline, Sigmoid and logit log fits
• Automatic quality – control equations
• Levey Jennings charts with West gard rules
• Ratio equation for Complex Calculations