2 Plate Enzyme Immuno Assay Processor

EliQuant Prime is a 2 plate fully automated open platform compact, efficient and innovative ELISA processor.

• Positive identification sample racks
• Continuous barcode reading
• On-board optics for remote trouble shooting access
• User friendly, flexible and customizable software
• Generate 192 results in one run on a combination of up to 8 assays
• Fully customizable and open test designer
• Custom report generator
• LIS Compatible
• Bi-directional, RS 232, USB, TCP/IP
• Multi-language support
• Point to point, linear regression, cubic spline, 4PL, 5 PL,
   Lin-Lin, Lin-Log, Log-Log representation
• MS Windows Graphical User Interface (Windows 7)

Innovative Features

High Precision Micro Syringe

The EliQuant Prime is provided with highly precise Micro-Syringe that accurately aspirates 1 µl volumes with CV <3 %.

Performs sample dilutions directly into Microwells

The Micro-Syringe’s unmatched low volume resolution has dilution capability up to 1:30,000 with detectable resolution down to 0.7 µl fluid pick up

Forced Convection Incubator

EliQuant Prime incorporates Forced Convection Incubator uniformly heats the reaction wells by active transmission of heated air directly into the well. Unlike traditional chamber incubators, it increases the rate of heating and provides uniform heat distribution thus eliminating as “Edge Effect” , to avoid inconsistent results depending on well position

Orbital Shaker

The orbital shaker keeps fluid in the wells by employing an orbital motion instead of linear back-and-forth motion of traditional shakers. This allows for more vigorous mixing without any spillage of well contents at up to 900 rpm. The orbital shaker is fully automated and programmable to strictly adhere to any EIA assay protocol. That also allows dispensing and incubation while shaking

Built-in Reader

Eliquant Prime is integrated with an exceptionally small, LED reader that reads test results automatically. Colorimetric detection uses electroluminescence light emissions of specific wavelengths and discrete intervals. Conversely, the incandescent light sources used in competing EIA platforms are much less efficient due to excess heat generation and non specific wavelengths. The use of extremely durable and compact LEDs has enabled us to create a photometric detection system that is uniquely capable. The use of LEDs extends the spectrophotometer life span 100-fold compared to incandescent light sources. Without the need for a separate detection chamber the EliQuant Prime can process more samples while preserving its compact form.

Intelligent Racks

Eliquant prime exclusive Intelligent Rack technology automatically senses when a sample tube has been loaded. Combined with built-in barcode reader and sliding sample tray, it streamlines setup while decreasing user errors The software stores both the sample information and rack position. The loading sequence and sample positions are non specific as sample loading is recorded at run time and confirmed by the positive identification system

Intuitive, Open, Flexible Software

Eliquant Prime intuitive software permits the precise specification of every automated testing parameter. It completes required calculation in real- time, eliminating the need for post instrument computations. Index calculations, curve fitting, multi-result computations and Log/Lin transformations are fully supported by the software.

On Board Camera

Eliquant Prime hardware and software allows service engineers to remotely monitor the process and testing logs to assist with troubleshooting. Remote diagnostics minimizes instrument downtime, thus reducing workflow interruptions. Support is also drastically simplified by having a single point contact for hardware, software ad assays.