Trauma instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use. Specially designed instrumentation made after considering suggestions from surgeons. Instruments are specially designed to have minimum soft tissue damage. Instruments are made from superior grade materials.


Size Chart

Meril Part No. Description
MT-INPLTP001 Drill Sleeve for Insertion guide-PLTP
MT-INPLTP002 Drill Sleeve for Ø4.3mm Drill bit-PLTP
MT-INPLTP003 Fixation Bolt for Insetion Guide
MT-INPLTP004 Trocar for PLTP
MT-INPLTP005 Depth Gauge for PLTP
MT-INPLTP006 Centering Sleeve for Guide Wire Ø2.5mm-PLTP
MT-INPLTP007 Insertion Guide for Proximal Tibia Right
MT-INPLTP008 Insertion Guide for Proximal Tibia Left
MT-INDFLP009 Guide Wire Ø2.5, length 250mm
MT-INDFLP010 Wrench for Fixation Sleeve-DFLP
MT-INDFLP011 Fixation Sleeve for Drill Bits-DFLP
MT-INDFLP012 Pulling Device
MT-INDFLP013 Wrench for Fixation Bolt
MT-INDFLP014 Stopper for Insertion Guide
MT-INPLTP015 Screwdriver Shaft A/F3.5, hexagonal Large
MT-INPLTP016 Screwdriver, Hexagonal, Large, A/F3.5mm
MT-INDFLP017 Torque Indicating Screwdriver with 4.0Nm
MT-INPLTP018 Drill Bit Ø4.3mm, Length 300mm, 2 flute, for Quick coupling-PLTP
MT-INPLTP019 Instrument Case with Lid - PLTP
MT-INPLTP020 Guiding Block for Proximal Lateral Tibia Plate Left
MT-INPLTP023 Guiding Block for Proximal Lateral Tibia Plate Right
MT-INPLTP021 Drill Sleeve for PLTP Guiding Block
MT-INPLTP022 Guiding Sleeve for PLTP Guiding Block

Clinical Data