Trauma Instrumentation meets surgeons requirement in precision and ease of use.Specially designed instrumentation considering suggestions from surgeons.Instruments are specially design to have minimum soft tissue damage.Instruments are made from superior Grade materials.


Size Chart

Meril Part No. Description
MT-INDR24001 Drill Bit Ø1.8mm, Length 110mm, 2-flute, for Quick Coupling
MT-INDR24002 Drill Bit Ø2.0mm, Length 110mm, 2-flute, for Quick Coupling
MT-INDR24008 Universal Drill Guide 2.7
MT-INDR24007 Universal Drill Guide 2.4
MT-INDR24005 LPS Drill Sleeve 2.4, with Scale up to 30mm, for Drill bits Ø1.8mm
MT-INDR24006 LPS Drill Sleeve 2.7 with Scale up to 30mm, for Drill bits Ø2.0mm
MT-INDR24015 Screwdriver shaft, T8, self-holding
MT-INDR24013 Manual 0.8Nm Torque Limiter
MT-INDR24020 Quick Change Handle Large with Quick Coupling, Length 138
MT-INDR24016 Screw Driver Stardrive T8 Self Holding
MT-INDR24018 Depth Gauge for Screws 2.0/2.4mm, measuring range up to 40mm
MT-INDR24021 Grasping sets of 2.4/2.7 locking screw, Screw Driver T8
MT-INDR24028 Ø1.25mm Guide Wire Length 150mm
MT-INDR24029 Instrument Case with Lid-DR24-KET

Clinical Data