• Mirus Linear Cutter
  • Cuts and staples simultaneously

  • Two staggered rows either side of cut-line

  • New knife with every reload

  • Push button opening

MIRUS Linear Cutter

MIRUS - The symbol of excellence which ensures superior surgical outcomes. MIRUS linear cutter and reloads are available in lengths 60mm, 80mm & 100mm with two different sizes of staples to accommodate various tissue thicknesses.

Reliable: A kind of mechanism for predictable staple formation

Flexible: Two diverse reloads for different types of tissue thicknesses

Easy to use : Moderate locking position

Mirus Linear Cutter


  • 01

    Consistent staple formation gives proper hemostasis.

  • 02

    Aids better transection, resection and creation of anastomosis. 

  • 03

    A new knife with every reload gives precise and smooth transection. 


Application in gastrointestinal, thoracic, and peadiatric surgery for transection, resection and/or creation of anastomosis

Size chart/Ordering Info

MIRUS Linear Cutter

Stapler Description Reloads Open leg length Close leg length Color Number of firings Number of staples Rows of staples Staple line length Cut Length
MLC60 Mirus LinearCutter 60 MLCR60-3.8 3.8 mm 1.5 Blue 8 64 4 64mm 60mm
    MLCR60-4.8 4.8mm 2 Green          
MLC80 Mirus LinearCutter 80 MLCR80-3.8 3.8 mm 1.5 Blue 8 84 4 84mm 80mm
    MLCR80-4.8 4.8mm 2 Green          
MLC100 Mirus LinearCutter 100 MLCR10-3.8 3.8 mm 1.5 Blue 8 104 4 104mm 100mm
    MLCR10-4.8 4.8mm 2 Green